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DK WattsShort Bus Kids (US)

Show: «HOUSE MUSIC AS IT SHOULD BE» Fridays 20:00-21:00 CET


After growing up in New York and spending the last decade living in San Francisco, DK Watts (who is 1/2 of the production duo called the Short Bus Kids) recently made the leap across the Atlantic Ocean to live in Amsterdam.
A veteran of the underground house music scene, DK Watts has made a lasting impression with a number of quality releases on his Bounce House Recordings label as well as many other respected Imprints. Respected I DJ Magazine journalist Russell Deeks describes the Short Bus Kids as “Two of the best producers in deep house right now, no question, and getting more eclectic as they get more confident, it would appear…” in his “This Is Why We Dance” blog when he named his 2009 Artists of the Year.

Release after release on DK Watts' Bounce House Recordings label has garnered worldwide recognition from his fellow peers and industry publications such as I DJ Magazine, De:Bug and DMC Update.

DK Watts is a resident DJ of Norway’s highly-acclaimed CUERADIO.FM where he hosts the radio show “House Music as it Should Be” every Friday from 20:00-21:00 CET.

Expect no let up from DK Watts. A number of future Bounce House EPs featuring the Short Bus Kids as well as other known artists are scheduled. DK Watts is also busy in the studio with Short Bus Kids' partner Lance Leber, working on a full-length album.


BH EP 01

BH EP 02

BH EP 03

BH EP 04

BH EP 05
BH EP 06

BH EP 07

BH EP 08

BH EP 09

BH EP 10

BH EP 13

BH EP 14
BH EP 15

BH EP 17

BH EP 19

BH EP 20

BH EP 21

Not So Fast 01
Not So Fast 03
Greenhouse Recordings
Greenhouse Recordings
Greenhouse Recordings
«The Choice»
«The Choice» (remix)
«Dinner on the Bus»
«Tweeker Funk»
«In with that Sound»
«Brothers & Sisters»
«Der Burgermeister»
«Short Bus of Funk»
«Let there be House»
«Disco Subway Rock»
«P Ground Hos»
«Bounce your Body feat. Allison»
«Writt'n a Song»
«Heavy Kinesthetics»
«In da Pocket»
«Dontcha do»
«Bump'n Along»
«C'mon Boy»
«Hippie Flippin»
«Dirty Little Man»
«B-List Rapper»
«Hey Kids!»
«Now Breath»
«Broke From Koke»
«Downtown feat. Allison»
«Kopy Kats»
«Lust Dust»
«Feel It»
«Dig It Honey»
«Blow & Hos»
«Where are you? feat. Allison»
«Get Them Hands Up»
«Shout Out» (underground mix)
«Shout Out» (club mix)
«Yah Better Hurry»
«Tony Montana»
«Things are Changing» (Short Bus Kids & Mike L.)
«Boom Bap Gutter»
«Guns n Butter»
«He's on the Prowl»
«Bless the Funk»
«Do You Wanna?»
«Say No» (Short Bus Kids & Mike L.)
«Don't Talk» (original)
«Don't Talk» (zip yo lip rework)
«Want Your Love»
«Let It Roll»
«Time to Rock»
«I Like That Beat»
«High Volume» (Short Bus Kids & Mike L.)
«Funk Train feat. Allison»
«Put Your Body on the Levers»
«Sometimes I went to School»
«Gotta get Up»


Andrew Phelan & Origami ft. Audio Angel
«Funky Shiz»(SBK remix) Prismatic 03
Bon Johnson
«A Day in the Life of Bon Holmes»(SBKs deep-n-wet remix) NSF 02
Bon Johnson
«A Day in the Life of Bon Holmes»(SBKs get behind break remix) NSF 02
Clever Bits
«Clever Bits»(SBK remix) Bounce House BH EP 11
«Cruisin' for a Bruisin'»(SBK remix) Bounce House BH EP 12
Greg Zoi
«Loungin'»(SBK remix) Bounce House BH EP 16
«That's the way we do it now»(SBK remix) Bounce House BH EP 18
Canta & Miss Nycole
«Amsterdam»(DK Watts / SBK & Mike L. remix) Hard & Zoet
«Lost in a Day Dream»(SBK remix) 3345 Music
«Fly»(DK Watts / SBK & Mike L. remix) Smash Records
Sergio Perez
«Time for the Kick Ass»(DK Watts / SBK & Mike L. remix)
Vernon & Dacosta
«Da Crazy Beat»(SBK remix) Phobic Recordings
Amit Shoham
«No Color Lines»(SBK remix) Tarantic
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